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Tengai Makyou – A Hudson/Red Love Story

Tengai Makyou – Far East of Eden is amazing. Play it! Placeholder text. More to come!


SaruTV YouTube

Introducing SaruTV on YouTube!

Want see more of Sarumaru? Visit SaruTV – The Official Sarumaru YouTube channel. Artist Technology reviews like Drawing Tablets and Monitors, Video Game reviews and Japanese game pick-ups, Sarumaru Art Showcases and more! Head on over to SaruTV and subscribe!


Merry Chu-mas!


We wish you a merry Chu-mas, We wish you a merry Chu-mas. We wish you a merry Chu-mas and a happy chu-chuuuuu~

Happy Holidays from 🙂

War is srs bzns

80s Jpop jus got real y’all.


Once upon a time….

…in a land called Ys…



Just becuz….



Saru-Teez! From SM to 3XLTheme Options
FREE Button and print with every shirt!

Shirts containing characters from the following designs in the Chibimarus album at:

Shirts are $15 USD plus $6 USD for shipping. Email for inquiries or paypal with your order. Please include your shirt size, color (Black, Red, Blue, Gray) and mailing address along with the design/character you want on a shirt.

You can choose a button of your choice from the image below, please include the catalog number with your order:

Pins, Magnets and Keychains are here!

So here’s an image of the premiere pin collection, as I’d to call it, is a collection of all the pins I have created for the last few conventions. These pins are available as Pin-back Buttons, Magnet buttons or button-keychains. The keychains are my fave 😀  Anyhoos- here’s the image of the pins that are currently available. SARU-PREM_BTNCOL-smpl


Just a really funny line in Persona 4 I felt needed to be shared 😛kouballs

October 27, 2013

UPDATES 10/27/13

The Chibimarus sections has been updated with more chibis. Make sure to check it out!

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