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This pic pretty much sums up how it feels when I look around the webs looking for turbobs. I feel like ppl be trollin’ with these prices on TG-16 stuff. Makes me glad I am more fond of imports than I am domestic releases. Here’s an example;


WTF?! Come on guy. COME. ON. What;s the point in even having a listing like this? What cracks me up is the 110 bucks it costs to ship. TROLOLOLOLOL~ Sure, this is an extreme case but when there are NTSC versions on the bayz, they usually fetch for extreme prices.  Especially when you could get this same title for much less for its Japanese counterpart, the PC Engine. Usually that one fetches somewhere around $300+ and what’s even more ironic about that price is that I think our shortage of Magical Chase in the states has driven that price up.


This one is about $400USD and it’s a little worse for the wear with things like sun damage to the manual and back-case adhesive. More “minty” one’s usually fetch up around $500 or so. Seems like alot, and this wouldn’t even be considered as holy a grail as the US/NTSC version. Quite honestly, 400 is too much for any one game in my opinion but who am I to judge. 😛

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