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For those of you in the Las Vegas area, Retro City Games will be holding one of their game nights featuring Henshin Engine! Come play this awesome new title for the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 before it's out next year! Yuki will be waiting! <3 ... See MoreSee Less

We are very excited to announce that we will be doing another Henshin Engine demo night at our favorite video game store Retro City Games this Saturday August 13th! at 8pm. As well as presenting our demo, We will also be holding a raffle and one lucky winner will win a Henshin Engine promo pack which will include: The complete Henshin Engine physical demo, a keychain, buttons and a special 13 x 19 ultra glossy poster of Yuki or Geni, the stars of the game. Show us your love for Henshin Engine and be a part of this exclusive experience. See you there! Retro City Games location: 6100 Mountain Vista St #120, Henderson, NV 89014

3 weeks ago  ·  

At Game On Expo showing off our game, Henshin Engine. Lots of exposure for Saru Studio! 😃 ... See MoreSee Less

Our booth at Game on Expo! Weeee!!

3 weeks ago  ·  

Lately, most of what I do is related to Henshin Engine. I may go back to doing fanart chibis at some point, but for now I gotta give some love to my original project. I'm hoping that some of you 25,000+plus people will have a look at Henshin Engine and give it a chance! If you do, I promise to draw some more popular chibi stuffs! 😉 ... See MoreSee Less

These are 13x19 Yuki and Geni poster designs. Free prints of these are going out with the Henshin Engine demos. Posters will be available for PRGE. Geni is the boss character in the demo. She's Yuki's nemesis creating trouble for Yuki in the pixelized worlds! She is a product of SG Company, the rival organization to Jipang Electronics Corporation. Yuki better watch out, Geni is equipped with a desperation command called PROCESS BLASTER and it really packs a punch!

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