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About Saru


Thank you for visiting! I’m D.J., the artist known as Sarumaru. I’m originally from Los Angeles, California and I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I consider my style to be very reminiscent to that of 90’s Japanese-style animation in respect to flat-shaded coloring with a mixture of pop-art. I can’t remember when I started drawing but I’ve been drawing on and off for what seems like the entirety of my life.

Over the years I have been involved with a number of projects with things like graphic and logo design for individuals, businesses and start-up companies. Other than logos and graphics, I also facilitate mascot/character creation and development and have experience in designing character art for conventions, small graphic novels, merchandising, web-comics, online and independent games. I believe that branding and mascots are integral when trying to create a brand, project or start a business that you want people to remember.

Some of my notable character designs include art for Osu!, an online rhythm game. Character design and other artwork for LVL UP Expo and the creation of the ongoing mixed-media project, Henshin Engine.

I thank you for visiting and hope you all come back to see what I’m up to. For now though, it’s back to drawing!

– Saru


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